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Wendover Shed is a project to establish a community workspace in Wendover.  Practically-minded people are able to meet, work on joint projects (or their own), and share ideas and experience.
There is access to tools, electricity and, almost as important, a kettle!
Check here regularly for updates as the shed is established.



The Hog

Our Starter Shed, The Hog - a Groundhog Welfare Container kindly donated by GE HealthCare, is now in place at its home on Hogtrough Lane. We held our official Open Day on Saturday, 6 March, 2023.

The story of The Hog, where it came from and how it got to us, can be found here.

The Electrics

The Wendover Shed team had always planned to use solar and wind-generated power as our home is entirely off-grid. We were fortunate enough to receive grants from the Clare Foundation and the Wendover and Village Board of Bucks Council and thanks to them our full solar array is now fully operational.

The Outdoor Space

We planned to create an outdoor area in front of The Hog to allow us to work outside in all weathers, powered by our portable battery packs.

Fundraising is now complete, thanks to some private contributors and a very kind donation by the Lionel Abel Smith Trust. Design work is complete and the build is now underway.



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Wendover Shed is a community project to set up a shared space where people can meet to create and share practical projects, with access to working facilities, tools, and each other's help and experience. The goal is to promote health and well-being through social interaction and practical activities.

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