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Wendover Shed

A community resource project

Wendover Shed is a community project to set up a shared space where people can meet to create and share practical projects, with access to working facilities, tools, and each other's help and experience.  The goal is to promote health and well-being through social interaction and practical activities.

No special skills are needed to join.  We have opportunities for many types of members.  You might be looking to join our practical make and mend sessions or simply meet up for a coffee and a natter.  You might want to help us paint our new shed or help us with a small garden outside.  Alternatively, you may be looking to get more involved as a volunteer, helper or sponsor to support our activities.


If you want to be a part of it, or just to find out more, do please subscribe to our emails, get in touch through the Contact page or even Apply for Membership

We'll be updating this website as we progress, so check back for updates.


Men's Shed Charter for Wellbeing in Craft & DIY

Wendover Shed has signed up to the Men’s Shed Charter for Wellbeing in Craft and DIY.


“Together we can improve wellbeing across the Craft and DIY sector. The Charter for wellbeing in Craft and DIY is an expression of commitment to support the wellbeing of everyone involved in craft and DIY. Having a conversation can make someone’s day, even save someone’s life. This commitment is to Makers, Crafters, Artisans, DIYers, Bodgers, Doer-uppers, as well as the Shedders, Engineers, Manufacturers, Designers, Retailers, Publishers, Hauliers and to those who don’t yet know their lives could be transformed by becoming involved in Craft or DIY. The signatories pledge to:


  1. Connect and look out for each other’s health and overall wellbeing

  2. Create positive and safe environments for everyone

  3. Promote opportunities for people who may need help


Anyone and any organisation can be involved and every signatory demonstrates and champions our collective interest to increase happiness and wellbeing for all through creating, crafting, making and fixing!”

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