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Bob's Blog - October 2023

There are a few things of note to report in my latest Blog! These have been quite momentous events really in the short history of the shed.

Firstly, the Outdoor Space is very nearly complete apart from some last-minute bits and pieces. Tremendous effort by shedders to complete this by the end of September. With the usual autumn and winter weather expected, work on projects can now be undertaken with little risk of getting wet.

The Electrics, including our off-grid solar array, are nearly there and will soon be formally certified by a qualified electrician. The wind generator needs re-erecting and will supply 12v to The Stables.

The ‘Heavy Metal’ team has obtained a metal working lathe, which together with the pillar drill, will provide options for alternative projects orientated to metalwork. This is now located in the ‘toolbox’ part of The Hog. A re-arrangement of resources is being undertaken.

The Wendover community is continuing to be generous with gifts in kind. Another woodworking lathe is on its way. Another storage shed donated by the Christian Centre will be arriving shortly and will help tremendously with keeping this tidy (or tidier). More wood is going to be collected.

Events a-plenty are being planned. Gary Rance – in exchange for a lump of wood – has agreed to give another lesson in wood turning; watch this space for a date. We have a fundraising Quiz Night on Friday 13th Oct – lucky for some. A Men’s Health talk by three Bucks Healthcare consultants, expert in this field, is being held at the Christian Centre on 16 October. The Events team is busy thinking of new ideas – a steam-up day now we have the outdoor space, a gardening session in the spring, maybe a rock concert in the summer! We are open to all sorts of ideas.

Photo by Sarah Panna. Rob Butler is in the centre, wearing a purple top.

On 5 October our local MP Rob Butler spent time at the shed looking round and being introduced to shedders. It’s important to keep local politicians and fundraisers aware of what we have done and what our aims are. Rob witnessed the construction of our heavy-duty workbench, which will be the centrepiece of our outdoor space. He wrote about this, with a photograph, on his FaceBook page.

We also have had recent visits from Emma of the Paralympic Heritage organisation, from local parish councillors and from various passing animals and campers. Local councillors hope to involve us with differing projects from repair and maintenance of noticeboards, to making Christmas gifts.

My abiding shed-related memory though this month involves the first time we were fully lit up at night. An awesome sight and one I found strangely emotional. Early October, eight o’clock in the evening, off-grid and fully powered by the sun – the vision of our powered set-up showing just what a group of shedders with different skills could achieve by working as a team.

Here’s to more shedders Joining Us, here’s to the future – because the future is bright!


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