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Woodturning demonstration turns heads at The Hog

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Wendover Shed held its first educational session at The Hog on Saturday, 10 June. A woodturning demonstration by the amazing local resident Gary Rance also turned a few heads at our rural allotment site.

Gary is one of the fastest and most accurate production woodturners in the UK. He has been awarded the honour of Master in Turning, in recognition of his contribution to the art and mystery of the craft of turning, and he has created items for royalty, nobility and stars.

Gary started off showing some of the main turning techniques on a blank of 50x50mm pine.

He makes it look so easy and shows his years of experience. However, Gary was keen to show us some projects we could do ourselves at The Hog. The first was a simple child's spinning top, decorated with Sharpie pens!

Gary then progressed a garden dibber, again showing some of the basic turning techniques needed to produce simple items.

Next, Gary decided to investigate the intelligence level of his audience with an "idiot stick". We didn't fare well. I think many blamed the heat. It was a scorching day!

However, the most impressive item was a turned wooden apple. Our chairman has attempted to make one of these and it took him five hours. Gary easily made this one in minutes, and can turn up to 100 of them a day.

The finished article. Simply gorgeous. Amazing skills and an inspiration to we amateurs.

Here is are some other examples of items that Gary makes and sells.

If you are interested in learning more about Gary, or purchasing some of his lovely work, you can find more details on his website,


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