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Remco van den Heuvel


Remco is the minister at Wendover Free Church and has been living in Wendover since 2015. He is a lifeguard at the Wendover Swimming pool and has been involved with the local schools doing assemblies and being a governor at Halton School.

In his spare time Remco loves making things. He loves painting and drawing, creating scroll saw projects, making things with clay, tinkering with electronics and computers. And a variety of other things. He also like being outside in the garden or walking in the woods or on combe hill.

Remco’s interest in Wendover Shed is practical and social. He loves getting involved and get things done and made, but he finds it even more important that people can meet up and do things together and socialise. What we do doesn’t really matter, as long as we do something together.

Remco van den Heuvel
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