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The Hog has Landed

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

At 11:17am on 17 February 2023, Recycled Products Ltd carefully lowered our Groundhog Welfare Container - The Hog - onto its lovingly prepared base of railway sleepers, under the watchful eye of the unit’s donors GE HealthCare.

It wasn’t the easiest of jobs. Manouvering a 30ft x 8ft shipping container up a farm lane on the back of an artic lorry, complete with giant crane, was quite something to watch. However, the guys from Recycled Products Ltd and GE HealthCare proved themselves up to the challenge, with a little help from our friends at Bank Farm.

Thanks to everyone at GE HealthCare, Recycled Products Ltd, Bank Farm and Wendover Parish Council who have helped make possible this major milestone in the realisation of the Wendover Shed.

Now that the Wendover Shed is physically in place we can proceed with fitting out the workshop and kitchen. We plan to hold an Open Day within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for details. A chance to visit our shed and meet the team.


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