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Full steam ahead for metalworking interest group at the Hog

Dave and John turn the lathe

Wendover Shed’s new metalworking group has kicked off with the intention of regular Wednesday afternoon sessions. One end of the Hog has been rearranged to group the main tools together. We’re keeping the numbers small as there isn’t much elbow room around the spinning lathe, but if you're interested talk to any of the Shed leaders.

The first group project is a learning exercise, with three Shedders (Simon Eccles, John Taswell and Dave Walls) buying small live steam engine kits from Stuart Models in Dorset. These arrived together in a small but heavy package at the beginning of February. A grand unpacking gathering was held on 7 February, in the Stable where it was warmer!

Opening the Stuart kits - Xmas came late!

The Stuart kits are the popular 10V models, which build up into small single-cylinder vertical engines about 15cm tall. They are supplied as rough castings, with the intention that the builder machines them with precision tools to give the final sizes and surfaces.

Here's one Paul made earlier!

Paul Mosley is an experienced model engineer who built his own Stuart 10V some years ago (shown here at left). He has volunteered to instruct the three would-be engineers in the techniques of the metal working lathe in the Hog.

Although the eventual completed models will be able to run with live steam, the initial intention is to run them from air compressor pumps, which are easier and much cheaper than a proper boiler!

All being well, the little engines will be demonstrated at Shed events later this year.


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