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Cybershed - The rise of the machines...

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In order to enable a wider range of interest/project options the shed is going online.

Phase1 introducing a shed WiFi network.

ShedNet, has connectivity via a TP-Link M7200v2 and no-contract SIM.

An old laptop (running ubuntu) & a raspberry pi will be setup initially.

I plan to add offline versions of all the tool training material to the laptop for easy access & refreshers.

I'll network the batteries & setup a push of the data for remote monitoring, using a graphana dashboard for visualisation (like the well project)

Remote connectivity isn't possible with the M7200, that will come in phase 2.


I was concerned that given we're essentially inside a metal box, signal strength & so band width would be pretty limited. Using I compared the TP-Link against my phone & got the following encouraging results:

Device & connectivity


Download Speed

Phone: ​Mobile Data only

Outside the Hog

37 Mbps

​Phone: TP-Link WiFi only

Outside the Hog

17 Mbps

Phone: ​Mobile Data only

Inside the Hog (door shut)

​46 Mbps

​Phone: TP-Link WiFi only

Inside the Hog (door shut)

​12 Mbps

​Phone: TP-Link WiFi only

​Inside the Hog, stashed by the battery.

4 Mbps

​Phone: TP-Link WiFi only

Inside the Hog, by the window

18 Mbps

​Phone: TP-Link WiFi only

Inside the Hog, by the window, connecting from the other side of the allotments

13 Mbps

Device Location selected, gaffer tape required...

Small or far away...? Reasonable bandwidth even from the other side of the allotments, so options for cyber vegetables.


The TP-Link M7200 is powered via USB from the EcoFlow DeltaPro battery for now, but as we have a small wind turbine with nothing to do (that can't feed into the EcoFlow), then a discreet supply may be next if I can find someone with an unwanted car battery.

Phase 2

TBC, but likely to be:

  • Alternate router with SIM, and DDNS capable

  • Remote connectivity to some Shed devices via port forwarding

  • Discrete power for router, raspberry pi & other monitoring devices

    • Anyone got an unloved/used car battery?

  • Add a grab bag of handy boards components & peripherals for shedders to experiment with.

Phase X

Shed becomes self aware...

I'll update this post as I progress.


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