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A Warmer Winter Welcome!

Updated: Feb 9

If you’ve been considering a visit to Wendover Shed on Hogtrough Lane but are deterred by the cold, worry no longer! 

The Stable workshop next to the main shed has been thoroughly renovated, weather-proofed and insulated by experts among the Wendover Shedders. Thanks to a diesel heater it’s probably the warmest shed in town!

In recent months the originally well-ventilated old wooden stable has been improved with replacement panels, filled-in gaps, rainwater diverters, a new door, double-glazed windows and foil roof insulation. There's LED lighting and mains-voltage power sockets fed by solar-powered batteries. What was once a chilly shelter for hardy horses is now a cosy winter workspace. Summer too!

Frosty on the outside, cosy on the inside.

Wendover Shed welcomes new members who can come and work on practical projects with the wide range of tools (and friendly expert helpers), or just to have a chat and a hot drink – there’s a kettle, but also a fridge for beer when the weather improves!

Particularly welcome would be anyone who can help others to learn or improve their  woodworking or metalworking techniques. 

Shed chairman Bob Duggan is also calling for volunteer chaperones who can accompany and help people with mobility or other health issues, thus allowing them to get the full benefit of the Shed. 

The Shed is coming up to its first anniversary since the main “Hog” metal Portacabin was trucked and craned into place on 17 February 2023, and a lot has happened since then. 

High points have been the building of the big wooden “outdoor space” covered working area, the installation of very effective solar panels, batteries and power outlets to provide all the electricity needed to run interior and exterior lighting and tools, and the major renovation of the existing stable block. 

Everything has been done by Wendover Shedders using the wide range of skills shared between them. 

Plans for this year include an additional shed for storage and an ecological compost loo to replace the current chemical Portaloo. 

How to find us

To find the Shed (HP22 6NJ), you first need to find Hogtrough Lane, which is marked on maps but doesn't have its own street sign. It is at the junction of Hale Road and Church Lane, forming a slightly staggered crossroad. If you are on Hale Road coming from Wendover, turn left (there's a red postbox on the corner as guidance). If you're on Church Road, go straight over.

Continue along Hogtrough (carefully because the road is very potholed after the big farm turnoff to the right) to just past the rifle club and the bridleway sign, then turn left into the allotments. Then look to the right of the gate and you'll see the Shed. Opening hours are posted on the website: 

The most accurate way to pin-point our location is through What3Words, which is available as a smartphone app:


* A shorter version of this story was published in Wendover News, February 2024, page 15.


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