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RS Fire Protection

Kindly donated fire extinguishers for our shed.

Many thanks to RS Fire Protection for their kind donation of Fire Extinguishers. We have five Fire Extinguishers, one for the kitchen, two for The Hog workshop and two ready for The Stables.

RS Fire Protection was established in 2000, and they continue to operate successfully across the South East of England, supporting a wide variety of clients in various industries with the installation and management of their fire protection systems. 

RS Fire Protection is focused on not only ensuring each of their customers is fully compliant with British Standards but also adopting best practices for fire safety, to guarantee continuous protection from fire and the devasting effects it can have on lives and businesses. 

Their mission is to guarantee fire safety systems coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, across all types of business sectors, including commercial, industrial, residential, educational and healthcare settings.

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